SL welcomes attorney Mike DiGiannantonio to the team

SL Environmental Law Group welcomes Mike DiGiannantonio to the team. Mike has over two decades of complex commercial litigation and regulatory experience. As a former Senior Enforcement Counsel at the world’s largest and most diverse derivatives marketplace, where he prosecuted organizations and individuals to protect market integrity, he understands the minutia of regulatory violations. As a former federal law clerk and professor of legal writing, he specializes in persuasive and efficient written advocacy. Mike is admitted to practice law in Illinois and Michigan, and his application to become a member of the California Bar is currently pending.

After years of corporate litigation, Mike has chosen to focus on protecting the public and the environment from corporate polluters. He is passionate about making a difference and holding those accountable who profit at the detriment of others.

Mike looks forward to meeting SL Environmental clients and welcomes questions from water providers who are dealing with toxic chemicals in their water supplies. He can be reached at

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