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Helping water suppliers weigh their legal options

All sizes of water systems — from small community systems, schools, and agribusinesses, to large city and investor-owned utilities — have turned to SL Environmental for our experience to help navigate the complex options when confronted with 1,2,3-TCP contamination. We've helped many clients receive settlements to cover the costs of groundwater cleanup.

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Receive guidance on tough questions

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What should a water system do once it finds TCP contamination?
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What kind of treatment systems are effective at removing TCP?
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What should a water system do if the contamination source is unknown?
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How much does it cost to build and maintain plants to treat the water?
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How can water systems recover costs for TCP treatment without passing that expense onto its ratepayers?
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Can water systems sue at any time to recover treatment costs, or are there statutes of limitations that need to be considered?

How we can help

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Investigate the matter to determine whether there are grounds for a lawsuit, including statutes of limitations analysis
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Assist clients who need to identify potential sources of TCP contamination
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Help develop an effective TCP communication strategy, whether that is to your water district, city board leadership, ratepayers, or the community in general
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If a water system decides to pursue litigation, we will represent it throughout the lawsuit against the chemical companies responsible for the contamination

No upfront costs

We provide our services on a contingency fee basis. This allows water systems to retain us without any upfront or ongoing fees or litigation costs.

Unmatched water litigation experience

We have 20+ years of experience, exclusively representing water suppliers in contamination cases, including 1,2,3-TCP, MTBE, p-CBSA, PCE, PCBs, and PFAS. The polluters we aim to hold accountable know that we are highly experienced in our field.

Less work for your organization

Our water litigation experience in TCP cases allows us to be time efficient, both preparing for and during the lawsuit.

Recover costs while protecting your community

We go after the big corporations that manufactured the contaminants, protecting both ratepayers and local communities.

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“The SL team is organized and highly knowledgeable about water contamination issues. If any question came up, they immediately had the answer. Bottom line, we achieved what we set out to do — win.”

Ken Tcheng

GM, Sunny Slope Water Company