We help water systems, municipalities, and states recover water treatment costs

Our public entity and utility clients entrust us to help them solve their most challenging water contamination problems.

Since 2003, SL Environmental Law Group, P.C. has focused solely on water contamination litigation. We've helped over 150 clients, resulting in over $1.2 billion recovered in settlements and trials, to pay for the cost of contamination clean-up.

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“The SL Environmental Law Group team is organized and highly knowledgeable about water contamination issues. If any question came up, they immediately had the answer. Bottom line, we achieved what we set out to do — win.”

Ken Tcheng

GM, Sunny Slope Water Company

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“We've certainly recommended SL Environmental Law Group to others for the same reasons we chose them. The speed at which we saw results, in this case a substantial settlement from the defendant, was unlike anything I've seen before.”

Denise Kruger

Former SVP, Golden State Water Company

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“SL Environmental Law Group has made every step of the process easy for us. The team’s experience with water contamination litigation meant incredible support on their part, relieving the burden on us.”

Vincent J. Roy

Executive Director Sudbury Water District (Mass.)

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SL Environmental Law Group helps NYC secure jury verdict against ExxonMobil for $104 million in damages

“This is a tremendous victory for New Yorkers and a clear message to polluters. I am grateful for the tireless efforts of our attorneys — particularly our outside counsel, SL Environmental Law Group.”

Michael Cardozo

Corporation Counsel, New York City

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$26.5 million settlement reached by SL Environmental Law Group

“We are delighted to have achieved this settlement, which will help the city replace its water supply with a system that is safe and reliable.”

Joe Scholtz

Former Mayor, St. Louis (Michigan)

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Years of litigation experience in water contamination


Recovered in settlements and trials


Clients represented, including...

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City of Santa MonicaCity of Anaheim CaliforniaCity of Sacramento
New York CityCity of Garfield New JerseyCity of Camden New Jersey
Miami Dade County FloridaCity of PensacolaMilwaukee County
City of North Chicago logoTown of Poughkeepsie logoTown of Princeton Massachusetts logo
City of OceansideCity of St. Louis Michigan logoCity of Pomona logo
Kennebunkport water logoBallico Cressey School DistrictMcSwain Union Elementary School District
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Regulatory updates

Stay current on where regulation is heading and how it may impact water systems.

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Identifying sources

Assist water systems in identifying the origin of their water contamination.

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Treatment options

Work with leading water treatment experts to recommend appropriate technologies, evaluate costs, and funding sources to cover the expenses.

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Communication strategy

Develop communication strategies for water districts and municipalities to use with ratepayers, and the community.

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Identifying funding

Investigate potential claims to determine strategy, identify responsible parties and options to fund treatment costs.

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Legal representation

Represent water systems against the chemical companies responsible for water contamination, to recover water treatment-related costs.

How water suppliers benefit from working with us

We have successfully represented water systems, municipalities, states, and businesses in contamination cases for 20+ years, focusing on a wide range of contaminants, including 1,2,3-TCP, MTBE, p-CBSA, PCE, PCBs, perchlorate, and PFAS.

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Water litigation experience
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No upfront costs or retainer
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Less work for water systems
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A commitment to our clients' cause
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Recover costs & protect the community