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Addressing water treatment costs

You found a contaminant in your aquifer. Whether your water system needs to take immediate action, or you're preparing for upcoming regulation, we can help.

Get guidance on questions like:

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What are current state and federal regulations for the contaminant in my water, and where are they heading?
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What should a water system do once it finds water contamination?
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What should a water system do if the contamination source is unknown?
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What kind of treatment systems are effective at removing the contaminant?
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How much does chemical testing cost?
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How much does it cost to purchase water from other jurisdictions?
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How much does it cost to build and maintain plants to treat the water?
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How can water systems recover costs for water treatment without passing that expense onto its ratepayers?
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“We've certainly recommended SL to others for the same reasons we chose them. The speed at which we saw results, in this case a substantial settlement from the defendant, was unlike anything I've seen before.”

Denise Kruger

Former SVP, Golden State Water Company

How we help water suppliers

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Keep them up to date on where regulation is heading and how it may impact their water system
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Investigate the matter to determine whether there are grounds for a lawsuit; provide guidance and advice on potential litigation
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Assist clients who need to identify potential sources of contamination
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Help develop an effective communication strategy, whether that is to your water district, city board leadership, ratepayers, or the community in general
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If a water system decides to pursue litigation to cover the costs related to water treatment, we will represent it against the chemical companies responsible for the contamination.

Some of our clients

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No upfront costs or retainer

We provide our services on a contingency fee basis. This allows water systems to retain us without any upfront or ongoing fees or litigation costs.

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Less work for your organization

Our extensive water litigation experience means we are more efficient with your time, reducing the burden of litigation on your staff.

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Commitment to our clients’ cause

We have the resources and experience to fight through trial and appeal, for as long as it takes to get the right results for you.

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Recover costs while protecting your community

We go after the big corporations that manufactured the contaminants, protecting both ratepayers and local communities.