PFAS Settlements

What’s Next for Water Systems?

Understanding the 3M and DuPont Settlements: FAQ Sheet

Charting Your Course: Next Steps to Secure Clean-Up Funds

Now that the deadlines to opt out of both the 3M and DuPont settlements have passed, qualifying water systems who did not submit their Request for Exclusion will be automatically considered as participants in the settlements.  

This FAQ document serves as a vital resource, offering essential guidance for both those who have chosen not to opt-out and those opted out systems exploring alternative options to recover clean-up costs.

Understand the complexities within the settlements, chart your course ahead, and ensure you are set up for success in maximizing recovery options for PFAS contamination in your water system.

There are still steps to be taken for systems participating in the settlements and systems that opted out.

Steps to Maximize Recovery

Has your system decided not to opt-out of the settlements? There is still work to be done in order to maximize your cost recovery and also protect your ability to receive additional funds if you experience new PFAS detections in the future.

Urgent Deadlines for Filing Claims

By missing deadlines, you will have essentially forfeited your ability to collect funding via the settlements against 3M and DuPont. Furthermore, since you did not opt out of the settlements your system is precluded from pursuing litigation against both of these defendants in the future.

Options for Systems that Opted-Out

If your system opted out of the settlements, you’ll want to consider other avenues to recover your existing or potential future costs. For systems who have opted out of the settlements, the ONLY way to recover costs from 3M and DuPont will be through litigation.