The City of St. Louis, MI recovers water treatment costs


SL Environmental Law Group represented the City of St. Louis, Michigan in a groundwater and drinking water contamination case involving toxic chemicals that were byproducts of DDT, a pesticide that was manufactured at a local chemical plant between the 1940s and 1970s.


Although no one seriously disputed that the City’s water was polluted and that the cause of the pollution was the chemical plant, many thought the City was without recourse because the owner of the chemical plant had filed for bankruptcy years before. Nevertheless, SL Environmental Law Group (then known as Sher Leff) filed a lawsuit against the former owner of the chemical plant.  The firm also tracked down the companies that sold insurance coverage to defendant, and the firm argued why the insurance companies should contribute to a settlement.


The end result was a $26.5 million settlement for St. Louis, which has paid for the City to replace its water system with one that is safe and reliable.

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“We are delighted to have achieved this settlement, which will help the city replace its water supply with a system that is safe and reliable.”

Joe Scholtz

Former Mayor, St. Louis (Michigan)